Why are MaxEmailBodyTruncationSize() and MaxEmailHTMLBodyTruncationSize() not working as expected?

All devices running supporting the Knox Framework. 

Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) email body truncation values are not working as expected.

The Samsung Email App has a fixed email retrieval size option, as defined in Microsoft documentation. For an EAS account, we have following values: Headers only, 0.5 KB, 1 KB, 2 KB, 5 KB, 10 KB, 20 KB, 50 KB, 100 KB, No limit. For example, S6 devices have the default value "No limit".

If the EAS server restricts email truncation size by a value, you must select one of our fixed options, smaller or equal to this value.

For example, if the EAS server has set truncation size to 308224 bytes, the closest size option will be chosen. In this case, it is 100 KB.