Why do I lose a Knox license seat after factory resetting my device?

All Knox Workspace or Premium versions
When I wipe a device with the EMM console command, I do not regain the Knox license seat count. I cannot use my Knox license on another device.

The device was factory reset without first being unenrolled from the EMM. By design, the license seat is not returned.

If you already wiped a device without unenrolling it from an EMM and want to restore its Knox license seat, you can do so manually:
  1. Log in to the Knox portal with a Knox web account that has IT admin privileges and a Samsung Knox web account +*.
  2. Go to the Deactivate devices tool:
  3. Enter the license key and the IMEI number of the device(s) you have wiped. Use commas to separate each entry.
*NOTE — this feature is only available to IT admins who upgraded to a Knox web account +. This is a free upgrade and only requires an paid Knox license key. To upgrade to this account.

1. Look for the tool-tip box on your Samsung Knox dashboard in the lower left corner of the page.

2. Click the Upgrade account button and enter your license key in the pop-up box.