Can I use containers from different vendors simultaneously?

NOTE - This FAQ references the Knox Workspace, which is a feature of Knox Platform for Enterprise. This feature also depends on what version of the Knox framework is installed on your device.

Technically, there is no limitation to the third-party containers you can install on a Knox device. However, please note that, we can't guarantee that multiple containers will properly coexist.

Knox 3.0 and above

Note that only one (Samsung) enterprise container and one  (Samsung) personal container can be created on the device at one time — it is not possible to have two (Samsung)  Workspaces exist simultaneously. For example:

  • A device can have one Knox Workspace (enterprise) and one Secure Folder (personal).
  • A device can't have both Workspace (enterprise)  and Android Work Profile (personal).

Knox 2.9 and below

You can have 2 enterprise containers and one personal container on a single device.

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