What is Knox Quick Access and how does it work?

NOTE - Knox Quick Access is only available on Knox 2.9 and below

Knox Quick Access allows enterprise users to access the Knox Workspace container without re-authentication when paired to a Samsung Gear. Once connected to a Gear device, the Knox Workspace stays unlocked for a pre-determined time when it is in Bluetooth range with the Gear device.

What is the difference between Knox Quick Access and Google Smart Lock?

  • Google Smart Lock is used to quickly unlock your Android device's lock screen.
  • Knox Quick Access quickly unlocks the Samsung Knox Workspace container. 

Which wearables are compatible With Knox Quick access?

At the moment, only Samsung Gear can be used with Knox Quick Access.

How long does a container stay unlocked when using Knox Quick access?

The default unlock time while using Knox Quick Access is 2 hours. However, this can be adjusted by your IT admin.