What is SE for Android?

Security Enhancements for Android (SE for Android) prevents apps or processes from accessing data and resources that they are not allowed to. For example, apps outside the Knox container are not allowed to access app data inside the container

SE for Android provides a Mandatory Access Control (MAC) over traditional Discretionary Access Control (DAC) environments. SE for Android can grant special privileges based specific EMM policies. In DAC environments, since SE for Android controls access of kernel resources, certain apps may not run as intended. Samsung's MAC feature allows your apps to run properly alongside SE for Android.

SE for Android secures the operating system as follows:

  • Partitions the operating system into security domains. Within each domain, apps are given the minimal permissions they need to function. This contains the damage that might be caused by malicious or flawed apps, as problems in one domain do not spread into another.
  • Uses a policy file to define which users and apps can access which files and resources. You cannot override this policy file and, for example, grant yourself access to files or resources that would otherwise be restricted. To ensure that your device uses the latest policies defined for the latest apps, enable the policy file to be updated automatically.

When SE for Android detects an unauthorized access, it displays a notification message.