What is a Knox Platform for Enterprise license?

A Knox license is needed to activate Knox Platform for Enterprise on a device. Samsung's web-based Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE) system manages the entire lifecycle of Knox licenses including ordering, license generation, activation tracking, validation, and quantity checking. Starting July 1, 2021, Samsung provides you with Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE) Premium (Commercial) licenses at no cost. All Premium KPE licenses (KPE-Premium and KPE-Customization, both Cloud and On-Premise) are affected by this new KPE policy. Knox Dual Data-At-Rest (DualDAR) and Knox Universal Credential Management (UCM) capabilities are not included in this policy change. These solutions remain separate, paid licenses for those customers that require them.

For more information about KPE licenses, see Knox licenses.

Looking for more information?

  • See About Licenses in the Knox Platform for Enterprise Admin guide for more information on how to set up and manage KPE Licenses.