What happens to the Knox Workspace container if the license expires?

There is one type of Knox Workspace license: two-yearly, based on its billing period type. This license expires two years after its activation date. If the license is not extended with an extension order and expires, depending upon the device's OS, two kinds of user behaviors can happen:

  • Android R OS and higher — For devices running Android R OS and higher, the Work container can be used, but KPE APIs can no longer be called, causing IT admins’ inability to apply KPE policies until the license is activated again.
  • OS lower than Android R — For devices running an OS lower than Android R, the Work container gets locked and KPE APIs can no longer be called. But the data inside the container are not removed, and the user re-gains access to the container and data after license is extended or reactivated.
    NOTE — Some Q OS devices may exhibit user behavior similar to R OS devices.

Below are the limitations to the container when the license expires:

  • If a container exists, the container will be locked and inaccessible until the license is extended or reactivated in some Q OS devices and devices with an OS lower than Q OS.
  • You cannot push any Knox Workspace policies to devices.
  • All Knox Workspace policies set in the EMM admin console are maintained and can't be updated.