What can I do to manage/backup/move my data inside the Knox Workspace container?

By default, the data inside Knox containers (for example, saved email attachments or photos taken by the camera in the container) cannot be accessed by apps or processes outside the Knox container. Similarly, USB, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth access to data in the container is not allowed by default (these can be enabled by the IT admin). You can however back up data using the following methods:

  • IT admins can use EMM consoles to set policies that allow device users to move files into or out of the container using the My Files app. For example, using Knox Premium, IT Admin can set these policies through the Admin Portal > Policies > Mobile > Samsung Knox Workspace Settings > Container Settings > Restriction Settings
  • If your enterprise has added cloud-based storage apps to an allowlist, you can also use these apps inside the container to copy files to an external location. For example, Dropbox.