Knox Mobile Enrollment 1.31 release notes

Allow IT admin to control email messaging

This feature addresses admin requests to control which console generated email messages are received and which are not. If an admin does not have the required permission to perform an operation, then the choice to turn on/off notifications should not be assigned, and an email notification should not be sent. Email notifications are grouped together by type to comprise a complete group with various permissions. Since notifications options are based on the specific permissions associated with a role, not all notifications options will be available.

QR code display enhancements

To date, some QR code enrollments utilize RP device uploads while others do not. This has resulted in reported confusion as the console generated QR code does not contain that information.

To help address this issue, the Also allow QR code enrollment for devices not uploaded by a reseller checkbox, recently added to the Add a QR code screen, is now also included within the QR code for this profile screen to let users know how this setting was defined for QR code generation.


QR code configuration enhancements

Currently, some QR code enrollments can utilize a device MAC address for Wi-Fi enrollment. However, the generated QR code does not reflect whether the MAC address was included.


Going forward, the Use device MAC address checkbox, recently added to the Add a QR code screen, is now also included within the QR code for this profile screen to let users know whether the device MAC address was set for inclusion within the generated QR code.

For more information on using a QR code for enrollment, go to:

Device and device user permission enhancements

This enhancement combines the Assign with profile and Manage tags roles within the Devices and Uploads portion of the Create Role screen for better permission management.


If the user does not have the Assign with profile and manage tags permission enabled, all MDM profile options, except for Clear profile, will be disabled within the Configure devices pop (available from the ACTIONS drop-down menu within the Devices > UPLOADS screen).

The ability to add and overwrite existing tags will be disabled from the Bulk configure screen.

Additional KME country support

The following countries were added as KME supported countries for the US region:

  • Costa Rica
  • Dominican Republic
  • El Salvador
  • Guatemala
  • Honduras
  • Nicaragua
  • Puerto Rico

These countries will be added as supported countries within the KME Samsung Admin portal, as well as the drop-down menu when signing up for KME.