KME feedback

This section provides information on how to provide KME feedback for Knox team to consider potential improvements to the KME console end enrollment experience.

Providing KME feedback

A user feedback page is available in the KME portal allowing users to convey portal usability feedback, by subject and description, to a dedicated Knox KME Email distribution. Users can optionally contact Samsung Knox support from the feedback page if their feedback requires Samsung Knox Support escalation. The user can also request the Samsung Knox team contact them directly for further dialogue regarding their KME feedback.

The feedback page is strictly for providing KME usability and enhancement suggestions. If a specific issue warrants escalation to Knox Support, either select the KME Support pages or submit a support ticket links to escalate the issue directly to Knox Support for resolution.

To leave feedback for the Samsung KME team:

  1. Select Feedback from the left-hand navigation menu.
  2. Provide a 100 character maximum Subject name for your feedback title so the support team can better group and categorize the feedback for potential improvements. While providing a Subject is optional, it's recommended to better assist the Samsung Knox Support team.
  3. Provide a 5000 character maximum Description to provide additional descriptive information for your mobile device enrollment feedback. This is a required field.
  4. Select the SUBMIT button when ready to send your KME feedback.
NOTE — Select the Samsung Knox Support button if you have a specific bug or issue that warrants support escalation to resolve a problem, as opposed to leaving feedback for a potential KME portal improvement.