Monitor advanced profiles

When you assign and enroll advanced profiles to devices, Knox Mobile Enrollment provides the following monitoring capabilities and actions:

  • Lock or unlock devices in bulk.
  • Monitor the device lock, device enrollment, and profile lock statuses on the Advanced tab.
  • Unlock the device in offline environments.

This page helps you learn how to monitor the different features and settings on the uploaded devices with advanced profiles.

View the Advanced tab

The Advanced tab on the Devices page displays a list of all the devices that have been assigned advanced profiles.

For active Knox Suite license holders, the Advanced tab functions when the following conditions are met:

  • If no advanced profile is created, the Advanced tab will not be displayed.
  • If no devices are assigned the advanced profile, then the Advanced tab is displayed but is disabled.
  • The Advanced tab becomes enabled and accessible once you assign an advanced profile to a device.

Lock devices

On the Advanced tab, you can simultaneously lock or unlock one or more devices:

  1. Select the devices you want to lock or unlock.
  2. Click Actions.
  3. Lock the switch if you want to lock devices, or Unlock if you want to unlock them. The device status updates immediately.

Check the device lock status

On the Advanced tab, there are four possible device lock statuses:

  • Locked — The device is locked.
  • Unlocked — The device is unlocked.
  • Locking — The device is in the process of locking.
  • Unlocking — The device is in the process of unlocking.

The device lock controls are color-coded to relay status information to you at a glance:

Status Switch label Switch color
Unlocked Unlocked label is bolded. Green
Locking (or Unlocking) No label is bolded. Yellow
Locked Locked label is bolded. Red

Check the profile status

You can inspect the current status of an advanced profile assigned to a device by checking the Status column on the Devices page:

Status Description Color
Expired The Knox Suite license has expired. Red
Enrolled (restricted) The device has been assigned (not enrolled) with an advanced profile, but a valid Knox Suite license wasn't available during enrollment. So, the device is successfully enrolled in an EMM but without the advanced profile settings. Yellow

Filter profiles by type

When reviewing all the profiles in your tenant on the Profiles page, you can filter devices by whether they were assigned an advanced profile. To do so:

  1. Click the Profile Type column header to view a filterable list of profile types.
  2. Select one or more profile types, then click Apply Filters. Only profiles with the selected profile types are now displayed.

Unlock devices using a PIN

Devices that are assigned advanced profiles can be unlocked in highly secure offline environments using a one-time PIN generated by Knox Mobile Enrollment:

  1. If the device profile status is Unenrolled, and the device lock status is Locked, click PIN.
  2. On the Unlock Device dialog, enter the 8-digit code that is displayed on the device user's lock screen.
  3. Click Continue to generate a one-time 8-digit PIN.
  4. Share the generated PIN with the device user. The device user uses this PIN to unlock their device.