Create your Samsung credentials

In order to use Knox Mobile Enrollment, you must create some Samsung credentials that allow you to manage your Knox Mobile Enrollment account. This includes a Samsung Account and a Samsung Knox Portal account.

Create a Samsung account

A Samsung account must be available, along with a Knox Portal account, to use Knox Mobile Enrollment.. Only one Email address is permitted per Samsung account.

To create a Samsung account:

  1. Navigate to the Samsung account creation page.
  1. Select SIGN UP NOW. Read through the Terms & Conditions, Terms of Service, and the Samsung Privacy Policy. You must select AGREE to continue.

  1. Enter your Email, create your account Password, then Confirm Password, accurately provide your First name, Last name, Date of Birth and Zip code. Carefully enter the Security Code and carefully double check the options entered before proceeding.
  2. Select the NEXT button at the bottom of the page to proceed.

  1. The Samsung account screen displays again, stating you have successfully signed up for a Samsung account and now need to select the link sent to your email address to complete the process.
  2. Select DONE once you have reviewed the contents of the screen.
  3. Look for the Email sent to your provided Email address to activate your Samsung account.

Create a Knox Portal account

A Knox Portal account is required to access Knox Mobile Enrollment. Creating a Knox Portal account also requires you have an existing Samsung account.

To create a Knox Portal account:

  1. Select APPLY within the Knox Mobile Enrollment page.

  1. Complete the required fields within the Register for Knox Mobile Enrollment screen.

    NOTE Ensure the required Company Name and Phone number are correctly entered, as these are important resources for issue reporting.
    1. Refer to the terms and conditions field (at the bottom of the screen) and agree to the required terms (*). The required terms contain links where the selected terms can be reviewed in greater detail before agreeing.

    1. Select SUBMIT when completed to forward your Knox Mobile Enrollment account request.
    2. In your Samsung Knox Dashboard, select LAUNCH CONSOLE within the Knox Mobile Enrollment field.

NOTE When you first login to the KME console, a get started carousel and auto tour are available to assist new users in understanding the central functions of the KME console and provide tooltips to better navigate the KME console. For more information, go to: Get started carousel and auto tour.
NOTE — The following characters are not permitted (# / $ * % ^ & \ ( ) + ? { } [ ] ) within the KME console.