Activity log

A KME activity log is available for trending and capturing administrator and reseller generated enrollment events. Filter enrollment activities by administrator or reseller name, category and event type as required. You do not actually modify information within the activity log, but you can drill-down to specific enrollment event updates at selectable stages of the enrollment process and assess when IT admins log in to KME.

Using the Activity log

To review the activity log:

  1. Select Activity log from the left-hand navigation menu.

  1. Refer to the drop-down menu on the top, left-hand, side of the screen to set the trending period from the present time activity data is fetched. Options include, Last 7 days, Last 30 days (default setting), and Show all. The trending time is relative to the IT admin's local time, not GMT. The last selected setting is retained when an admin logs out of KME then back in again.
  2. Refer to the DATE column to assess when each listed activity occurred. Optionally toggle the events to display the most recent activities first or last in the column.
  3. Use the NAME column to select and filter activities by specific admins and system integrators. This is a good option to drill-down to activities and events by individuals and exclude unwanted activities. An icon appears on the right-hand side of the Name column when display filters are applied.
  4. Refer to the CATEGORY column to filter listed activities by one or more selected categories. While the categories are largely device centric, the listed descriptions vary depending on the category selected. An icon appears on the right-hand side of the column when category display filters are applied. Category activity options include Devices, MDM Profiles, Resellers, Device Users, and Admins. Select CLEAR FILTER to refresh the display back to each available enrollment category option.
  5. Refer to the EVENT column to filter displayed activities by one or more enrollment event types. An icon appears on the right-hand side of the column when event display filters are applied. Available event filter options include Uploaded, Approved, Deleted, Configured, Added, Modified, Registered, Imported, Logged in, Added via NFC, and Added via Bluetooth. New administrative role events are also available for admin invitations, admin information edits, revoked invitations and resent invitations for revoked invitations, and deactivated/reactivated accounts. These events provide a means to filter activities strategically as devices and their profiles complete various enrollment tasks and activities prior to deployment. Select CLEAR FILTER to automatically refresh the display back all available activity log events.
  6. The DESCRIPTION column displays event data unique to the selected Category.
  7. The DETAILS column displays log detail or download links depending on the selected Category. When Reseller is the selected category, profile assignments are often listed.
  8. Optionally select the DOWNLOAD ALL AS CSV FILE button from the top, right-hand, side of the screen to save all the activity log data in a CSV file that can be used with 3rd party tools. Up to 10,000 activity log entries can be contained within a single CSV file, otherwise the file is emailed.