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Quick setup isn’t available after factory reset

Last updated January 4th, 2024



  • Knox Mobile Enrollment
  • EMM


Quick setup is the process where account information is transferred from an existing device to a new device during the setup.

After performing a factory reset on a device that was enrolled in an EMM, you might notice that Quick setup isn’t available during the device setup.


Quick setup isn’t available on B2B devices. When a device undergoes out-of-box-experience enrollment, Quick setup starts as the device has not been registered as a B2B device. After a factory reset, the device remains recognized as a B2B device, which causes the issue.

Quick setup is supported for devices running Android 13 and higher.


In cases where enrollment is done using a QR code or Knox Deployment App, which are exclusive to B2B devices, Quick setup isn’t available.

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