Getting Started Wizard

When you first log into Knox Mobile Enrollment, a setup wizard launches to assist with setting up MDM server resources, creating your first enrollment profile and registering resellers. The configurable parameters within the setup wizard are not unique to the wizard itself, and can be set within the Knox Mobile Enrollment portal. The wizard simply provides a means to set these parameters for your first enrollment profile without having to navigate to various locations within portal.

Navigating the Getting Started Wizard

  1. Select START to begin the wizard and setup your MDM server resource.
  2. Enter the MDM Server URI resource. The MDM URI is the address of your MDM server in the format of a URL. The MDM URI points to an enterprise installation the KME portal connects to in order to download specific device configurations. Select Server URI not required for my MDM if a server resource is not required by the MDM.
  3. Select CONTINUE to proceed to the Add profile details screen.

  1. Set the following profile configuration values.
    • Profile Name — Enter a name unique this initial enrollment profile
    • Description — Optionally enter a 200 character maximum profile description to add additional descriptive text.
    • Support contact details — Select the EDIT button to update the Company Name, Company Address, Support Phone Number, and Support Email Address displayed on the device upon successful enrollment. If necessary, select Save as default support contact details to use this same information a default contact information. If Google DO support is enabled for the profile, then only the Customer Name is editable, and the remaining parameters are greyed out.
    • MDM Agent APK — Select the ADD MDM APPLICATIONS button to add one or more MDM applications to download to devices. Add or remove applications as required for this initial deployment profile.
    • Skip Setup Wizard — Select this option to prevent the device user from skipping the Setup Wizard and ensure a Google account is created. This setting is enabled by default. When disabled, the device proceeds through the regular setup, including Google account creation and enrollment. This setting is still functional if using the KDA for either a Bluetooth or NFC enrollment.
    • Allow end user to cancel enrollment — Selecting this option permits an end-user to cancel enrollment on their device. Leaving this setting unselected enables mandatory device enrollment. If enabling Google Device Owner (DO) support, end-user enrollment cancellation is not supported. The skip setup wizard option functions independently from end-user enrollment cancellation, and both can be enabled at the same time.
    • Custom JSON Data (as defined by MDM) — Some MDMs allow you to pass the configuration of your MDM setup using a JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format. Please contact your MDM to find the JSON template and enterprise specific settings. To know more about JSON and related technology, go to:
    • Privacy Policy, EULAs and Terms of Service — IT admins can show Knox related EULAs (License EULA) together during initial enrollment to reduce the number of pop-ups. In addition to default EULAs, any enterprise and MDM specific EULAs can be added while creating a profile. Select the Samsung Knox Privacy Policy link to review the specific Privacy Policy text displayed to device users based on their geographic region. Click ADD LEGAL AGREEMENT and enter the Agreement Title and Agreement Text.
    • Associate a Knox license with this profile — Select this option to pass the Knox license key directly to the intended device for easier Knox profile configuration.
    NOTE — Profile creation using the new KME console is similar but easier then previous legacy versions of KME. Required profile creation parameters now display in three easy to view columns, as opposed to a scrolling as was the case in the previous KME console. Select the Back arrow on the top, left-hand, corner of the screen to navigate back to the previous screen as opposed to selecting a Back button.
  2. Select SAVE to commit the profile settings and proceed to the reseller configuration screen.
  3. Set the following reseller configuration values:

  • Reseller ID- Contact your reseller to obtain their reseller ID, and provide them with your customer ID. Enter the ID your reseller provides in the Register reseller field, select LOOK UP and select the Reseller from the list of results. If you do not have the reseller ID, it can be registered later. For more information, go to: Knox resellers portal.
  • Set up a default profile for reseller devices — Select the default profile assigned to devices purchased from this reseller. If you have set a MDM profile already, you can select that profile to assign to devices purchased from this reseller.
  • Upload approval preference — Specify whether reseller approvals are provided manually for each device upload or are automatically approved for the selected reseller.
    • Approval needed for each upload — Manual approvals are needed for each upload (set of devices) by this reseller.
    • Automatically approve all uploads from this reseller Devices added by this reseller are automatically added into KME and can be viewed from within the DEVICES > Uploads and DEVICES > All Devices screens.
  1. Select ADD to save the updated reseller configuration settings.
  1. You have completed the wizard. Consider any of the following additional enrollment activities:
  • Select devices to configure from within the DEVICES > Uploads or DEVICES > All Devices screen. For more information, go to: configure devices.
  • Use a .CSV file to export the device list in bulk, prepare your device information, and upload the configuration back into the Knox Mobile Enrollment portal. For more information, go to: configure devices and navigate to Bulk device configuration.
  • Download the Knox Deployment application from the Google Play Store.