Device configuration

The Knox Mobile Enrollment console enables you to configure devices either individually or in bulk, and change MDM profile assignments as needed. Devices can also be deleted as they become obsolete and warrant removal from the portal.

Device configuration

To configure approved devices:

  1. Go to Devices, then click the DEVICES tab to view the device list. The columns displayed can be customized by clicking ellipses to the right of the STATUS column. Up to nine display options are permitted.
    • IMEI/MEID — Can be searched and displayed on the DEVICES tab if you need to list user IDs with device data. Dual-SIM devices only display one of their IMEIs in the device list, but you can search for dual-SIM devices using either their first and second IMEI. Click a device's IMEI/MEID to view detailed information about this device. Both IMEIs of a dual-SIM device show.
    • SERIAL NUMBER — Can be selected to launch Device Details to review the device's ID, model, status, profile assignment, submission and edit dates and the device's factory encoded MAC address if it should require to add to the allowlist.
    • MODEL — Filter the models displayed within the screen as needed to assess the support of specific model types.
    • USER ID — Review the user IDs currently utilized with each listed device ID to assess device user assignments. You can search for devices by their USER ID.
    • TAGS — Review the tags assigned to listed devices to organize and search for devices.
    • PROFILE — Review the profile assignments of each listed device. If a new profile assignment is warranted, go to: Create profiles.
    • STATUS — Refer to the STATUS column to assess the pending enrollment, profile assignment and enrollment completion status of each listed device.
    customize table
  2. If device configuration updates are warranted, click the device's IMEI/MEID to view its details and configure it. device details
  3. Set the following device configuration parameters:
    • Click Profile to select a profile.
      • Clear profiles — If a device has already been assigned a profile, selecting this option removes the profile from the device. When deleting a profile, all device assignments must be cleared before the profile can be deleted. For more information on deleting a profile from a device, see: Profile configuration.
    • User ID and Password (single device selected) — Enter a new user ID and password for the selected device. If necessary, the user ID can be searched for and displayed on the DEVICES tab.
    • Tags — Enter the tags you want to assign to the devices. Tags allow you to organize and search for devices. The NFC tag is automatically added when using the Knox Deployment App and cannot be deleted.

    You can also configure multiple devices at once. Select each device you want to configure, then click ACTIONS > Configure devices to configure the profile, credentials, and tags of multiple devices.

  4. Click SAVE. The device status changes to Profile assigned. The status will not update until you click Refresh.
  5. NOTE — Keep in mind when using additional services with Knox Mobile Enrollment, such as Knox Configure (KC), if a device upload is approved for KME it is also automatically approved in KC, regardless of the KC upload approval setting.

Assign user credentials and a profile

To assign user credentials and a profile:

  2. page to start assigning user credentials and a profile

  3. Under Upload devices list with user credentials, select a CSV file containing device IDs.
    • If you're unsure how to format the CSV file, return to the BULK ACTIONS page and click View instructions under the ASSIGN USER CREDENTIALS AND PROFILE section.

    instructional page for formatting a CSV file

  4. (Optional) Select a new MDM profile from the Modify the MDM profile of selected devices list. The list also contains an option to Clear profiles from the device IDs in the uploaded CSV file. Consider using this action when you want to remove profile assignments from multiple devices in bulk.
  5. Fill out Tags with any names associated with the devices.
  6. Click SUBMIT.

For information on adding new profiles or editing the configuration of existing profiles, see Profile configuration.

Reviewing device uploads

Device uploads can be individually reviewed before they are approved. The device UPLOADS tab displays devices uploaded into Knox Mobile Enrollment and pending approval. No NFC or approved devices display within the UPLOADS tab.

If necessary, uploaded devices can be deleted and re-submitted back into KME. For more information, see the Delete a single device section.

You may wish to periodically download all their uploaded devices for archive. This can be done as a single action, and include devices from various resellers. The CSV file download contains device uploads in various pre-approved states, but no NFC devices.

  1. Go to the UPLOADS tab.

    The UPLOADS tab displays each listed device's reseller, upload date, number of devices uploaded, upload approval status, and details. Click the View link under the DETAILS column to list the individual devices uploaded by the selected reseller. These listed devices can be configured as required for approval. For more information, see the Device configuration section.

    Additionally, the Configure devices option is removed from the UPLOADS tab if the Assign with profile and manage tags permission is not enabled in Administrators & Roles.

    uploads tab

    Pending devices can be searched for and displayed by entering the device's 14- or 15-digit IMEI in the Search field. Searching opens a page with results, with device information listed in black and a device status of pending. You can download the search result as a CSV file or repeat the search function using the IMEI of other target pending devices.

  2. Click DOWNLOAD DEVICES AS CSV to save the listed devices and their information as a CSV file. If the selection is greater than the 10,000 device limit, the file is emailed to you. The downloaded CSV contains important data that can be re-used if a device requires re-enrollment, including a device's IMEI (numeric device identifier), serial number, order number, order date, model, user ID, tags, submitted date, profile, status, reseller ID, reseller name, last modified admin, and last modified time.

Delete a single device

Devices can be deleted from KME by either selecting them on the DEVICES tab or by uploading a list of device IMEI/MEIDs. Once you have removed a device, it is permanently removed from the system. To re-upload the device to KME, your reseller must upload the device again, or you can use the Knox Deployment app (available from the Google Play Store). Any device removed from KME is also removed from the Knox Resellers Portal and Knox Configure (if applicable), so ensure you delete the correct devices.

  1. Go to Devices, then click the DEVICES tab. A device can also be selected from the UPLOADS tab by clicking View in the DETAILS column.
  2. Select one or more devices to permanently remove.
  3. Click ACTIONS > Delete devices.
  4. A popup asks you to confirm. Click DELETE to proceed with the device removal.

Delete devices in bulk

You can upload a CSV file populated with Knox Mobile Enrollment device IDs as an alternative means of removing devices. Devices can be individually deleted or deleted in bulk using a CSV file.

  1. Click the BULK ACTIONS tab.
  2. If unsure how to format the CSV file, click View instructions under the BULK DELETE option.
  3. Click BULK DELETE from the list of bulk actions.

    The Bulk Delete prompt

  4. Browse to the location of the CSV file and click SUBMIT.
  5. A popup asks you to confirm. Click DELETE to proceed with the device removal.