Register resellers

Refer to the KME Resellers screen to register Samsung-approved reseller(s) so Samsung can verify their device ownership and assist in preventing erroneous enrolments. The reseller screen lists each reseller, their ID, default profile and upload approval preference. Optionally select the REGISTER RESELLER button to lookup reseller IDs, select a default profile to assign to devices purchased from this reseller and set their upload approval preference.

When a device is purchased from a reseller, the reseller can automatically upload the device to your KME account. The uploaded devices display within the DEVICES > Uploads page.

Add a reseller

The Resellers screen displays a list of resellers, their corresponding reseller ID, deployment country, profile auto-assignment designation, default enrollment profile and upload approval preference. Each reseller displays as a link that can be selected to edit that reseller's profile and approval preferences.

To add a reseller:

  1. Contact your carrier or reseller for their required Reseller ID by providing your own customer ID.
  2. Select Resellers from the left-hand navigation menu.

NOTE — The Resellers screen lists your Customer ID that you will need to provide to your reseller. Be sure to make a note of it, as it does not appear any place else in the Knox Mobile Enrollment console.
  1. Select the REGISTER RESELLER button from the top, right-hand, side of the Resellers screen.

  1. Enter the Reseller ID provided by your reseller. Once entered, select the newly displayed LOOK UP button. Wait momentarily until a Reseller found confirmation displays the successful identification of the reseller. If you encounter errors with the ID, contact your reseller to ensure it is correct.
  2. Select the REGISTER button.

  1. Refer to the Preferences portion of the Manage reseller preferences screen and set the following device upload and profile assignment preferences for device uploads:
  • Auto approval
    • Automatically approve all devices uploaded from this reseller — The information uploaded by this reseller into device inventory is automatically approved, both now and for future uploads. If not selected, each upload from this reseller requires manual approval.
  • Auto assign profile after approval — Use the drop-down menu to select the default profile assigned to devices uploaded by this particular reseller once manually or automatically approved.
  1. If necessary, refer to the Additional profiles field near the bottom of the screen and define a Profile and a Profile alias that are shared with a reseller to automatically assign profiles to approved uploads. Once created, the reseller can attach the profile alias to an upload which the customer in turn uses for a profile auto-assignment rule. However, the reseller must be sure which alias to use per upload, so this feature should only be used when a reseller has coordinated with the customer regarding which profile alias to sue. For more information on profile auto-assignments, go to: Profile auto-assignments.
NOTE — Profile aliases are not shared across resellers, so they are not unique across resellers but unique per reseller. There can be up to 10 aliases per reseller, but a profile alias can only be associated with a single profile. Try to keep aliases simple and easy to remember. Profile aliases are not required, and it is up to the reseller to optionally use. However, when created, an alias must be associated with an existing profile.
  1. If wanting to delete a reseller, ensure the DELETE button is enabled, which specifies there are there are currently no reseller devices utilized by a Knox Cloud Service. When enabled, select the DELETE button to proceed with the reseller removal. However, if there are currently still devices associated with a reseller, the following tooltip displays to let an admin know that devices will require reseller re-assignment to proceed with the reseller deletion.

  1. Click SAVE to commit the reseller management updates.

Profile auto-assignments

Optionally select an existing reseller for profile auto-assignments. Once selected and confirmed, devices uploaded by the selected reseller are automatically assigned a designated default profile or additional profile (profile alias) if one has been defined. If there has been no profile assignment, then the devices remain unassigned.

To define profiles for auto-assignment:

  1. Select Resellers from the left-hand navigation menu.
  2. Select the AUTO ASSIGN PREFERENCES button from the top, right-hand side, of the Resellers screen.
  3. Review each RESELLER NAME and their profile auto-assignment(s), if any, within the AUTO ASSIGN PROFILE(S) column.
  4. Select the checkbox of the RESELLER NAME to designate their auto-assignment(s).
  5. Select CONFIRM to proceed.

  1. From the Manage reseller preferences screen, refer to the Auto assign profile after approval field, and use the drop-down menu to select the profile auto-assigned to devices uploaded by a selected reseller, once manually or automatically approved.
  2. Select Save to commit the changes.