Navigate the MSP portal

To access the MSP portal, sign in to the Samsung Knox Dashboard, go to the Knox MSP Portal panel, and click LAUNCH.

The MSP portal utilizes a screen display and navigation structure consistent with existing Samsung Knox cloud services such as Knox Configure (KC), including a collapsible left-hand navigation tree.

The MSP portal utilizes the following user interface elements:

  • The top, left-hand side, of the portal displays the name of the Samsung Knox MSP Portal to clearly differentiate MSP from other Knox cloud services invoked using MSP.

  • The left-hand navigation panel can be collapsed at any time to maximize the screen display by selecting the < icon located at the middle, right-hand side, of the navigation panel.

  • The icon displaying user initials at the top, right-hand side, of the portal can be selected at any time to display the MSP Customer ID, link to the Samsung Knox Dashboard, and an option to log out of the MSP portal.

  • The footer portion of the portal, at the bottom of each MSP screen, displays links to the Samsung MSP Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policy.

  • The supported language menu at the bottom, right-hand side, of the portal is available to supported MSP languages. These are the same languages supported by other Samsung Knox Cloud Solutions, such as Knox Configure.