License management

An MSP purchases licenses on behalf of each customer for the Knox cloud services deployed with MSP. The MSP should contact the sales team supporting the requesting customer’s region. An MSP cannot share a single license with different customers, and separate licenses are required for each customer. Once purchased, the MSP enters the license into the portal on behalf of the customer. A license is activated automatically when applied to a device.

NOTE - Upon launch of the MSP program, a Knox Configure license is required to use Knox Configure within the MSP portal. MSP itself requires no license. As other Knox cloud services are added to the MSP portfolio, their unique licenses will also be required. The license state has no impact on the state of a customer account.

When a license expires for a particular Knox Cloud service, the customer devices mapped to the expired license are automatically released from MSP control for that service.

License utilization is global, and not restricted by regional device deployment constraints. Once an MSP has uploaded a customer’s purchased devices into Knox Configure, they are required to create a configuration profile, and select a license to ensure a Samsung Knox compliant deployment.

A Knox Configure deployment can utilize the following trial (temporary) and commercial license types based on a customer's test and long term deployment requirements.

  • Trial license - Trial licenses are intended for development and testing before going live with a customer deployment. Trial licenses are valid for 3 months and cannot exceed 5 devices. Trial licenses can be migrated to commercial licenses upon expiration by contacting your reseller.
NOTE - A maximum of 5 devices can be used with MSP when utilizing a Knox Configure trial license.
  • Commercial license - Use a commercial license when deploying devices for commercial use. Commercial licenses must be purchased from a Knox reseller supporting the requesting customer’s geographic deployment region.
NOTE - For additional information on Knox Configure licensing, go to: Knox Configure licensing.

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