Before you begin

To administer a customer account using Knox MSP, you must have either a new or existing Samsung account, which authenticates you to manage the customer's Knox cloud services on their behalf. You do not need a Samsung account for every customer you manage, which is the case if customers use Knox cloud services themselves.

Create a Samsung account

NOTE - A Knox reseller Super Admin can use their existing Samsung account for MSP portal access. The existing Super Admin can also invite a sub admin after they sign up on the MSP portal.
  1. Go to the Samsung account creation page.

  2. NOTE — Make sure you are logged out of any other Samsung portal that requires a Samsung account (Knox Portal, Reseller Portal, Knox Configure, Knox Mobile Enrollment, etc.). If a 'not authorized' message persists, submit a Support ticket.
  3. Select Enroll from the upper, right-hand side of the screen.

  1. Enter your business email address and select NEXT. Personal email accounts, such as Gmail and Hotmail, are not accepted in the portal.

  1. If you already have a Samsung Account linked with this email address, select Sign in. Otherwise, AGREE to the listed Terms and Conditions, Terms or Service and Samsung Privacy Policy required for account creation.

  1. Fill out the required fields and select NEXT to complete the Knox Portal registration process.

NOTE - The fields in this screen may differ slightly depending on the country from which your accessing the Knox Portal.
  1. Once submitted an email is sent to the email address provided with a link for account activation. Select DONE to acknowledge the message.

  1. Upon receipt of the email, select the provided link to activate your account.

Apply for the MSP program

The MSP program has its own unique sign-up process, requiring personal information, company information, customer support information, and a terms and conditions agreement to successfully process an application to become an MSP.

To sign up as an MSP:

  1. Go to
  2. Navigate to the MSP portion of the display and select APPLY NOW.
  3. Provide your Work email address as prompted and select NEXT >.
  4. Provide the following BASIC INFORMATION to create a Knox account. These are all required fields:

  • First name – Provide the first name of the individual managing the MSP account.
  • Last name - Provide the last name of the individual managing the MSP account.
  • Work email - Provide the work email of the individual managing the MSP account.
  • Phone - Provide the phone number of the individual managing the MSP account.
  1. Provide the following COMPANY INFORMATION used with the MSP account. Required fields are marked with a (*):

  • Company name – Provide the name of the company requesting to become an MSP.
  • Country – Provide the country of origin for the MSP requesting company.
  • Address 1 – Provide the requesting company’s address.
  • Address 2 (optional) – Optionally provide an additional address for the MSP requesting company.
  • City – Provide the city of the MSP requesting company.
  • State – Provide the state of the MSP requesting company.
  • Zip Code – Provide the zip code of the MSP requesting company.
  • Website (optional) – Optionally provide the website of the requesting MSP company.
  • Number of customers served by your business – Use the drop-down menu to define the number of customers supported by the MSP as either 1-10, 11-50, 51-100, 100-300, or 300+.
  • Industries served – Select those industries served by this MSP account. These selections should be the same as the reseller registrations form selections.
  • Mobility services offered – Use the drop-down menu to select one or more Samsung Knox services (KC, KME, etc.) to be provided to customers by this MSP.
  • Knox Customer ID (optional) – Optionally provide the numeric customer ID used for supplying information to your reseller for a variety of reasons. A single Customer ID can used with all the Knox Services a particular customer uses with, or without, MSP.
  • Knox Reseller ID (optional) - Optionally provide the numeric reseller ID associated with an existing reseller account within the Samsung Knox ecosystem.
  1. Provide the following CUSTOMER SUPPORT INFORMATION shared with customers requesting support:

  • Support phone number – Provide the phone number of the MSP account's support resource. This phone number will be shared with the MSP’s customers.
  • Support email - Provide the email of MSP account’s support resource. This email will be shared with the MSP’s customers.
  1. Agree to the following TERMS AND CONDITIONS required for MSP account creation:

  • Samsung Knox Terms of Use – Select the link to review the terms of use for the Samsung Knox web portal, then select the checkbox to designate your agreement to the terms.
  • Samsung Knox Privacy Policy – Select the link to review the Samsung Knox privacy policy, then select the checkbox to designate your agreement to the policy.
  • Samsung Knox Managed Services Terms and Conditions - Select the link to review the terms unique to the Samsung Knox MSP program, then select the checkbox to designate your agreement with these unique MSP terms of use.
  • Select the I want to receive information and updates on Samsung Knox products and services, events, and promotions checkbox to receive notifications on the latest Knox offerings and services. This setting is unselected by default.
NOTE - If needed, the Terms and Conditions is available for review separate from the MSP onboarding flow. To review the Terms and Conditions separate from the MSP onboarding screen flow, go to:
  1. Select SUBMIT to forward the MSP application to the Samsung Knox team for evaluation.

MSP account activation post-approval

Once an MSP account registration is approved by a Samsung admin with the appropriate permissions to do so, the MSP receives a Service account approved email. Select the Sign in link within the body of the email to launch MSP.

If the MSP account is rejected, the email states that the service account was declined.

Launch MSP from the Knox Portal

Once registered, access MSP via the Knox Dashboard. When logging into the Knox Dashboard, the requester will utilize separate Reseller and MSP fields for accessing services.

  1. From the Knox Dashboard, navigate to the Knox MSP Portal panel and select LAUNCH.

NOTE - An MSP cannot launch Knox Configure from the Knox Dashboard. Supported services must be launched directly from the MSP portal's MSP view.
  1. If the MSP account has not been approved, a Thank you for applying for the Knox MSP Program screen displays stating your application has been received and is being reviewed.

Once your application has been approved, selecting LAUNCH CONSOLE from the Knox Dashboard displays the Knox MSP Program. You can now use the Knox MSP portal.

NOTE - If Samsung rejects the MSP application, a Samsung Admin gets the rejected status and can help you with re-submission.

For information on using Knox Configure as a cloud service to simplify a device's out-of-box experience and configuration, go to: Knox Configure.