What are the advantages of using the MSP Portal?

An MSP can easily onboard customers using one portal. Just add a customer from within the MSP portal. An MSP does not need to create a Samsung account for each customer or wait for a Samsung admin to approve the customer. The customer is approved immediately once the onboarding form is submitted.

MSPs can utilizes services like Knox Configure within MSP Portal using a single MSP account for multiple customers. MSPs do not have to switch between multiple customer Samsung accounts or Knox service portals.

Which Knox services are available with MSP?

Knox Configure, Knox Mobile Enrollment, Knox E-FOTA, Knox Manage, Samsung Care+ for Business, and Knox Guard. are available within the MSP Portal. Additional Knox services will be added shortly.

How is the MSP Program different than KDP?

The Samsung Knox Managed Services Provider (MSP) Program:

  • is intended for Managed Service Providers
  • enables MSPs to manage Knox cloud services on behalf of their customers
  • requires MSP partners to apply through

The Samsung Knox Deployment Program (KDP):

  • is intended for Samsung Knox device Resellers
  • enables Resellers to register devices for customers who use Knox cloud services; customers can then manage Knox cloud services on their own
  • requires Resellers to apply through

Is MSP access registered or approved automatically?

No. Once an MSP submits their registration form, a Samsung Admin reviews and either approves or rejects the request. A prospective MSP is informed of the decision by email.

Once approved, an MSP can access the MSP portal by signing in to the Samsung Knox Dashboard, going to the Knox MSP Portal panel, and clicking LAUNCH.

Can an MSP add customers already using Knox services?

Yes. However, customer approval is required to move them into MSP. An MSP must know the KCS Customer ID of the customer they intend to migrate to MSP.

Once a customer approves an MSP, management rights are moved to the MSP, and the customer can no longer access KC. Customer access permissions can be re-applied in the future.

Can a Reseller use an MSP Customer ID to upload devices?

Resellers need the KCS customer ID (generated after onboarding the customer) to upload their devices. They cannot use the MSP ID to upload devices. Once the Reseller uploads devices for a specific MSP customer, the MSP uses the MSP portal to view and approve Reseller uploads on behalf of the customer.

Can an MSP customer access their Knox service accounts?

Initially, enterprise customers who subscribe to Knox cloud services via MSP have no access to their Knox service account. Only the MSP can manage a customer account and their devices using the MSP portal. In the future, the Samsung Knox team will add more refined permissions allowing an MSP to provide different access levels to their customers.

Where can an MSP buy licenses for services like Knox Configure?

MSPs can buy licenses from authorized Knox license resellers in their geographic areas.

MSPs cannot use a single license key for multiple customers. For details, see License management.

Can an MSP use a trial license before a production license?

Yes. An MSP can use a Knox Configure Trial license for up to 5 devices for 90 days.

Can an MSP manage devices under their own MSP account?

No. An MSP can only manage devices within their customer accounts.

Can an MSP delete one of their own managed customers?

No. An MSP must create a support request for a customer deletion.

Where can an MSP see customer alerts?

An MSP can use the MSP Dashboard to review alerts for a specific customer.

Can an MSP use APIs to integrate Knox MSP into their own portals?

No. We do not have APIs for MSP yet, but we plan to make them available soon.

What if I see a not authorized message when using MSP?

The MSP must be logged out of any other Samsung portal that requires an account (Knox Portal, Reseller Portal, Knox Configure, Knox Mobile Enrollment, etc.)

If the problem persists, submit a support ticket.

If I sign up as an MSP in a European country, can I upload a North American device?

No. An MSP can only upload devices from the region selected and approved when their account was created.

Can an MSP use the Knox Deployment App to upload and enroll devices for customers?

No. The Knox Deployment App can only be used by direct customers not managed through an MSP.