This topic describes how to invite and manage MSP admins, as well as complete an msp admin invitation.

An MSP Super admin can add additional admins with different roles to their MSP account from the MSP console Administrators screen. Inviting admins in bulk is not supported, and administrative role assignments are not currently available.

To view MSP administrators:

  1. Select Administrators from the left-hand navigation panel.
  2. Review the following to determine whether the listed existing admins are sufficient to administrate the MSP tenant customers:
  • NAME - Lists the name of the administrator resource assigned when the admin invitation was created or edited. When a admin name displays as a link, it cn be selected to edit the admin name and email address. The Edit administrator screen also provides the option to resend an updated invitation or revoke (cancel) a pending invitation.
  • EMAIL- Lists each administrator's email address as a contact resource. This is the email address assigned to the administrator when invited or edited.
  • STATUS - Displays the status of each administrator to help assess whether the administrator account is active or still pending an approval. The following STATUS states are available to MSP administrators:
    • Active - Invitation email sent, and the admin has signed up to the MSP portal legitimately
    • Pending - Invitation email sent, but the admin is not yet signed up
    • Revoked - Invitation email sent, but the admin has not signed up, and the Super admin has revoked the invitation
    • Blocked - A Super admin has blocked an active admin

Invite an admin

To invite an MSP admin:

  1. Select Administrators from the left-hand navigation menu.
  2. Select the INVITE ADMINISTRATOR button from the top, right-hand side, of the screen.


  1. Provide the following to complete an administrator invitation:
  • First Name — Provide the first name of the administrator resource for this invitation.
  • Last Name — Provide the last name of the administrator resource for this invitation.
  • Email — If this email is not already associated with a Samsung Account, the user will have to create a Samsung Account before logging in to Knox Configure. The creation of a Samsung account is required before an administrative account can be created.
NOTE - Samsung Knox does not support personal email addresses for new Knox account requests that have not been registered as a Samsung account. However, they can be invited as additional admins.
  1. Select INVITE when completed. The newly added, but pending, administrator displays by name, with their name displaying as a link that can be selected to edit the administrator name and contact email. If necessary, select the link of a displayed admin name to from within the Administrators screen to update the admin name, email address, or resend or revoke the invitation.