View the device list

Navigate to Device to view all the devices registered in the Knox Manage admin portal on the Device page. You can also perform specific functions to the selected devices among the list.

On the device list, the personalized settings of the columns will be saved. The saved settings will be retained before you delete the web browser's cookies. You can also return the column settings to their default settings by clicking Revert Column Settings.

No. Name Description


Search field

Search for devices by device name, IMEI / MEID, user name, and status. Click Advanced Search to filter by device platform & management type, enrollment type, security issue, etc.


Function buttons


Update the list of devices.

Device Command

Send the device commands to the selected device on the device list. For more information, see Send device commands to devices.

Check Location

Only devices that have the Report device location policy applied can be checked. For more information, see Check the locations of the devices.

Knox Remote Support

Remotely control the selected device with the Knox Remote Support Web Viewer on your web browser. For more information, see Knox Remote Support introduction.

Manage Tag

Add or delete the tags of the selected devices in order to filter by specific information. Multiple tags can be also added to a device.

Update License

Update the license of the selected devices on the device list.

Change License

Convert the license of the selected devices between a Knox Suite license and a Knox Manage with Knox Platform for Enterprise license.


Unenroll the selected devices on thedevice list. For more information, see Unenrolling devices.


Delete the selected unenrolled devices from the device list.

Deleted Devices

View a list of all deleted devices that can be searched or exported as a CSV file.

Bulk Add Tags & Aliases

Add bulk device tags and aliases using a template.

Export to CSV

Export a list of devices as a CSV file for download. A dialog asks if you want to include the following information:

  • Include additional device information — Exports the following extra information:

    • Assigned Group
    • Installed Group
    • Installed Apps
    • Assigned Profiles
    • Email
    • Last Location
  • Include additional security code — Exports the following sensitive administrative information:

    • Unlock code
    • Unenrollment code
    • Exit kiosk code

Revert Column Settings

Resets the column settings to the default settings.


Device list

View brief information for the enrolled devices on the list. You can add more columns by clicking > Columns, and then selecting the columns you want to add. Information of the devices, such as model number, OS version, and MAC address, can be viewed in the added columns.

NOTE—Devices with Managed Google Play account issues are now shown in the Device List table with a security alert icon. IT admins can monitor the devices with issues and sync a new and issue-free Managed Google Play account to the device using the Device Command page.