View the E-FOTA group list

Once you have registered an E-FOTA license in the Knox Manage admin portal, E-FOTA groups organized by device model and carrier are created automatically. Navigate to Advanced > E-FOTA Management to view all the E-FOTA group information on the ”E-FOTA Management” page. You can also perform the following actions on this page.



E-FOTA Group Update

Update the E-FOTA group information.


Search for a specific group for the entered group model name or carrier code.

Assign Device

Assign devices to the E-FOTA group for firmware updates. For more information, see Assigning devices to an E-FOTA group for firmware updates.

Firmware update setting

Select the firmware update type and specify the firmware version. For more information, see Modifying the firmware update configurations.

Update status per device

View the firmware update status for each device in the E-FOTA group.

E-FOTA change history

View the change histories of the E-FOTA group. For more information, see View E-FOTA group change history.