View details of a device

From the list of devices on the Device page, you can select a device to view its details. Once selected, you will be taken to the Device Details page, where you can inspect all information that KM stores about the device.

Summary area

The summary area at the top of the page contains high-level information about the device, such as its deployment type, connection status, model name, hardware info and identifiers, and the assigned user.

NOTE — An employee-owned device with a Work Profile running Android 12 and higher does not share its IMEI/MEID hardware identifier with KM. Instead, KM associates it with a unique enrollment identifier, which the IMEI/MEID field on this page will use. This identifier persists across re-deployments.

  • User Name > Detail — Takes you to the User Details page, where you can view the device user's profile.
  • See History — View the KM's enrollment and provisioning history of the device.

Security tab

The Security tab shows the device's detailed security status.

  • Knox Manage Agent Policy > Detail — View the policies of the device's KM agent.

Device Information tab

The Device Information tab shows the device's detailed information.

  • Detail — Display additional device information at the bottom of the page.
NOTE — The ICCID Information field is not supported for devices managed by Android Management API (AMAPI).

Network tab

The Network tab shows the device's detailed network status such as Wi-Fi and SIM information.

NOTE — The Wi-Fi Transfer Data and Network Transfer Data fields do not appear on Android 10 or higher devices.

Application tab

The Application tab shows the applications installed, assigned or controlled to the selected device. In the Application tab, the following tabs are additionally provided.

Application tab Description
Installed Application

View the information of the installed apps to the device, including the version, where it's installed, how often it's used, and whether its integrity is compromised.

The following function buttons are available:

  • Sync Installed App List — Update the installed application list.
  • Install or Update — Select the application to install on the device or to update if it is already installed.
  • Export to CSV — Download a list of applications as a CSV file.

Sync and view app feedback.

Android app developers have the option of implementing app feedback, which are logs concerning the app's status that can be delivered to a UEM. These logs differ from device and audit logs in that they concern deployment information about the app, such as sync errors and the actual state of settings modified by a managed configuration. In the Android Enterprise environment, automatic syncing of app feedback is limited.

The following app feedback functions are available:

  • Sync Feedback — Pulls the app's feedback from Google's servers to KM, so you can view it on the KM console. Applicable to Android Enterprise and Android Management API apps.
  • Force Upload Feedback — Pushes the app's feedback from the device to Google's servers. Applicable to Android Enterprise apps. Android Management API apps automatically submit app feedback to Google, so this button isn't available for them.
  • View Feedback (next to an app) — Review the history of feedback sync events for the app.
Assigned Application View the information of the assigned applications to the device.
Controlled Application View the information of the controlled applications to the device.

Profile tab

The Profile tab shows the detailed information on the profile and policies assigned and applied to the selected device.

Content tab

The Content tab shows the list of the content files assigned to the selected device.

Group / Organization tab

The Group / Organization tab shows the detailed information on the groups and organizations that the selected device belongs to.

  • Detail (Group) — Move to the Group Details page for the selected group. For more information on the Group Details page, see View a group's details.
  • Detail (Organization) — Move to the Organization Details page for the selected organization. For more information on the Organization Details page, see View an organization's details.

Command History tab

The Command History tab shows the history of device commands sent to the selected device. You can also view the detailed information on the audit events for each device command.

The command history is retained on the Knox Manage servers indefinitely. Audit events are retained for 3 months.

NOTE — If the default country code is set to South Korea, you must provide a reason before exporting this data.
  • See Audit Event — View in detail the audit events that occurred while completing a device command.

Function buttons in the footer

You can perform specific functions to the devices using the function buttons in the footer.

The following function buttons are available:

Function button Description
Back Return to the device list.
Audit Log View the audit log details for the selected device. For more information, see View audit logs.
Device Log Download the device logs.
Device Diagnosis View instances where Knox Manage flagged the device for potential problems related to its health. In order to help identify problems occurring on the device, Knox Manage automatically analyzes information about the device, database records, and profile history.
Unenroll Unenrolls the device.
Update License Grants the device a new license. A license must be available in your subscription.
Change License Convert the license of the selected devices between a Knox Suite license and a Knox Manage with Knox Platform for Enterprise license.
Manage Tag Add new tags to the selected devices.
Knox Remote Support Begin a Knox Remote Support session on the device. For more information, see the introduction to the Knox Remote Support guide.
Check Location Poll the device for its current location and sync it with the Knox Manage server.
Device Command Send a command to the device.

iPhone information restrictions

Due to Apple's strict security and privacy requirements, Knox Manage can't query certain pieces of device information about iPhones running iOS 15 and higher, regardless of their management mode. The information reported on the Device Details page can be therefore be limited for these devices and this range of OS versions. The following information is unavailable:

Area of the Device Details page Unavailable device information
Primary details IMEI / MEID
Security tab Activation Lock
Device Information tab Mobile Number
Device Information tab ICCID information
Network tab SIM Country & Carrier
Network tab Current Country & Carrier
Network tab Roaming
Network tab Voice Roaming