Upgrade a license to Knox Suite

This section describes how to upgrade the following license types to a Knox Suite license:

  • Knox Manage license
  • Knox Platform for Enterprise

Upgrade a user's or organization's license

You can upgrade the license of a user or organization.

NOTE— The Upgrade button is only visible if you have registered license types that can be upgraded and a Knox Suite license in the admin portal. You can only upgrade organizations or users with a Knox Manage type or a Knox Manage (&KPE) type license.

  1. Navigate to Setting > License.

  2. Click Upgrade.

  3. In the Organization tab, select the organizations you want to upgrade.

  4. In the User tab, select the users you want to upgrade.

  5. Click Upgrade.

  6. In the confirmation popup, click OK.

Upgrade a device's license

You can send a device command to upgrade a device's Knox Manage or Knox Platform for Enterprise license.

  1. Navigate to Device.

  2. Select the devices whose license you want to upgrade.

  3. Click Device Command.

  4. In the Knox Manage category, click Upgrade License.

  5. In the confirmation popup, click OK.

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