Update the SCC client

You can update Cloud Connector when a new version is available.

To update the SCC client, complete the following steps:

1. Create a backup file of the existing version of the SCC client.

  • It is recommended to compress the existing installation folder and move the compressed file to a backup folder.
  • After the update, you can execute the SCC_Setup_{Version}_{Builddate}.exe file again to delete the SCC client.

2. Stop the currently running SCC client.

  • If the SCC client is running as a batch file, close the SCC Client Services window.
  • If the SCC client is launched as a Windows background service, it automatically terminates and reruns at the time of the update.

3. Decompress the new version of the SCC_{Region}.zip file.

4. Execute the SCC_Setup_{Version}_{Builddate}.exe file.

5. When the upgrade confirmation pop-up appears, click Yes.

6. Click Next when the InstallShield Wizard starts.

7. Click Update.

  • The SCC client and Java will be installed in the same path of the previous version.

8. Click Finish.