Sync user information with Azure AD through Microsoft Graph API

Knox Manage can integrate with the Microsoft Graph API for the purposes of connecting your Azure AD services to Knox Manage. This integration is powered by the cloud-based Knox Manage MDM app on the Azure portal.

When configured and connected, the user and group information in your Azure tenant is made available to Knox Manage, similar to how sync services deliver directory data through the LDAP protocol. Syncing organizations isn't currently supported.

IMPORTANT — In order to enroll Windows devices using methods based on Azure AD, consisting of Azure AD Registered, Azure AD Joined, Windows Out of Box Experience, and Windows Autopilot, you must connect your Knox Manage tenant to your Azure tenant through the Microsoft Graph API. For detailed information about these enrollment methods, see Enroll a Windows device with Azure AD.

Only one Azure AD service is allowed per Knox Manage tenant, so you can't concurrently sync Azure AD through both the Microsoft Graph API and the LDAP protocol.

Connect your Knox Manage tenant to Azure AD through Microsoft Graph API

To connect Knox Manage with Azure AD through the Microsoft Graph API:

  1. On the Azure portal, go to Azure Active Directory > Mobility (MDM and MAM) > Add Application. The Add an application page opens.
  2. Find and click Samsung Knox Manage.
  3. Click Add to confirm. The app appears in the list of apps back on the Mobility (MDM and MAM) page.
  4. Go to the Overview page.
  5. In the Basic information section, copy your Tenant ID.
  6. On the Knox Manage console, go to Advanced > Azure AD Integration.
  7. Paste your Azure tenant ID into the Directory ID field.
  8. Click Verify. After a few moments, your Azure AD information shows at the top of the page.

Migrate Azure AD sync through an on-premise app to a cloud-based app

Prior to Knox Manage 22.08, released on August 17, 2022, the Azure AD integration with Knox Manage was accomplished using an on-premise technology stack. This older method of integration is no longer supported. If you connected your Azure tenant to your Knox Manage tenant prior to Knox Manage 22.08, you must migrate to the cloud-based integration to continue syncing your Active Directory information.

Choose one of the following methods to migrate to Azure AD through a cloud-based app:

  • (Preferred) On the Knox Manage console, go to Advanced > Azure AD Integration, click Unregister, then reconnect your Azure AD tenant.
  • On the Knox Manage console, go to Advanced > Azure AD Integration, then click Switch to MDM Application. If asked, follow the on-screen prompts to manually grant additional Microsoft Graph API permissions to Knox Manage.

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