Send enrollment guides to users using email and SMS

To provide users with installation guides to allows users to enroll their devices, you can send the following guides to users:

Via Guide name Description


Installation guide

Provides the Knox Manage agent installation links and QR codes for Android Direct Installation, Android Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME), and for all of the different OS platforms.


Public store URL address (including QR codes)

User credential guide

Provides the Knox Manage application login information.

KME (Knox Mobile Enrollment) guide

Provides the KME program guides for users who have enrolled their devices through KME.

Users can download and install the Knox Manage application from public stores or using the QR code. Once users connect to the Internet and log in to Knox Manage with their user ID and password, the devices are automatically enrolled.

To send enrollment guides to users via email and SMS, complete the following steps:

1. Navigate to User.

2. On the “User” page, click the check box next to the user ID you want to send enrollment guides to, and then click Request Enrollment.

NOTE—To send enrollment guides to users via SMS, the mobile numbers of the users must be registered to their accounts.

3. In the “Request Enrollment” window, click the check boxes for the guides to send, and then click OK.

  • Click to view the preview of the selected guideline.