Run sync services

Synchronization occurs automatically according to the schedule specified. The Sync Interval value can be set while adding a sync service (see Add sync services). You can also perform on-demand synchronization at any time and can also add additional targets while doing so. The pop-up window that appears when running an on-demand sync service shows the expected number of targets, which helps you determine whether or not to run the synchronization.

Run a sync service automatically

Synchronize data automatically on the schedule specified. When adding or modifying sync services, select Use next to Scheduler and specify schedules for automatic synchronization. For more details, see Add sync services.

  • The history of the sync service can be viewed in Advanced > AD/LDAP Sync > Sync History.

Run a sync service on demand

Synchronize data on demand at any point in time by choose to synchronize the targets already specified for a service or adding, modifying, or deleting targets as needed.

To run a sync service on demand, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Advanced > AD/LDAP Sync > Sync Service.
  2. On the “Sync Service” page, click the check box for a sync service and click Sync.
  3. In the “Sync” window, select a sync target type, select to preview the sync result before starting sync, and click OK.
  4. In the “Expected Sync Results” window, check the expected synced targets and click OK.
    NOTE—Navigate to Advanced > AD/LDAP Sync > Sync History to view the history of the sync service.