Remote Support introduction

KM includes a Remote Support feature that lets IT admins control devices remotely. The Remote Support feature provides improved network service by dynamically changing the data size according to the network conditions using the QoS method and sending data to devices. Remote support is available in WP-C devices using SMS. When a WP-C device calls the Remote Support Agent, SMS delivery is used instead of the default push service.

The following components are required to use Remote Support:

  1. Remote Support Viewer (RS Viewer)—Shows the user’s device screen on an administrator’s computer.
  2. Remote Support Application (RS App)—Receives remote support on the user’s device.

KM v21.1 includes a beta release of a web version of Remote Support. During the beta period, the existing standalone version of the Remote Support Viewer is also available. The web version of Remote Support will eventually provide the same features as the standalone version, such as unattended mode and screen sharing.

However, for this beta release, note the following important points:

  • Functionality restrictions—For this beta release, we only offer the screen capture feature in the web-based remote support app. The recording and file browser features are currently unavailable. Only the screen capture feature is currently available in the web-based remote support app.
  • Supported platforms—This feature is supported on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Safari browsers only.
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