Register a single AD/LDAP user account

To register a single AD/LDAP user account, complete the following steps:

NOTE—Before registering AD/LDAP user accounts, you must connect AD/LDAP directory services with Knox Manage and add a sync service. For more information about adding a sync service, see Adding sync services.
  1. Navigate to User.

  2. On the “User” page, click Add via AD/LDAP.

  3. In the “Select AD/LDAP Sync Type” window, select Single User Sync, and then click OK.

  4. On the “Add User” page, enter the AD/LDAP user information:

    • Sync target—Click Select to open the “Select Sync Target” window, select a sync service, and then search for users by user name. Select a user to add, and then click OK.

    • User ID—The ID of the user that you selected as Sync target will appear here.

    • DN—The unique Distinguished Name of the AD/LDAP object will be entered automatically.

    • Password—Enter a password between 8 and 30 characters.

      Click the check box next to Reset after Sign-in to allow users to change their password when they first logged in.

    • Confirm Password—Repeat the password.

    • User Name—Enter the user’s full name.

    • Email—Enter the user’s email address.

    • Mobile Number—Select the country number and enter the user’s mobile number to send the URL address for device enrollment via SMS.

    • User Group / Organization—Click Select, and in the “Select User Group / Organization” window, select the user group on the User Group tab and the organization on the Organization tab.

      NOTE—If you do not select an organization, the user will automatically belong to the “Undefined” organization.
    • License—Select the license type to be used for this user—Knox Suite or Knox Manage. Select Knox Suite if you have a Knox Suite license and you want to use the same license to enroll this user’s device to other Knox services included in Knox Suite.

      NOTE—With a Knox Suite license, only one license seat is consumed by each device (IMEI) regardless of how many Knox services (in Knox Suite) that device is enrolled in.
    • Android Manage Type—Select the Android enrollment type among Android Legacy, Android Enterprise, or Follow Organization’s Type.

      NOTE—The user’s Android manage type takes a higher priority than the organization’s Android manage type. Even if you move the user to a different organization, the Android enrollment type set for the users still applies to the users.
    • AD/LDAP Sync—Allow the creating of user accounts from the AD/LDAP system. If AD/LDAP Sync is selected, the existing user information will be synchronized from the AD/LDAP system and registered to the Admin Portal.

    • Tag—Click Add, and in the “Add Tag” window, enter new tags to add.

    • You can also enter additional information such as employee number, display name, and department in the “Additional Information” area.

  5. Click Save & Request Enrollment to save the user information and enroll the user at the same time.

    Click Save to only save the user information.