Register a single AD/LDAP user account

To register a single AD/LDAP user account, complete the following steps:

NOTE: Before registering AD/LDAP user accounts, you must connect AD/LDAP directory services with Knox Manage and add a sync service. For more information about adding a sync service, see Adding sync services.

  1. Navigate to User.

  2. On the “User” page, click Add via AD/LDAP.

  3. In the “Select AD/LDAP Sync Type” window, select Single User Sync, and then click OK.

  4. On the “Add User” page, enter the AD/LDAP user information:

    • Sync target: Click Select to open the “Select Sync Target” window, select a sync service, and then search for users by user name. Select a user to add, and then click OK.

    • User ID: The ID of the user that you selected as Sync target will appear here.

    • DN: The unique Distinguished Name of the AD/LDAP object will be entered automatically.

    • Password: Enter a password between 8 and 30 characters.

      Click the check box next to Reset after Sign-in to allow users to change their password when they first logged in.

    • Confirm Password: Repeat the password.

    • User Name: Enter the user’s full name.

    • Email: Enter the user’s email address.

    • Mobile Number: Select the country number and enter the user’s mobile number to send the URL address for device enrollment via SMS.

    • User Group / Organization: Click Select, and in the “Select User Group / Organization” window, select the user group on the User Group tab and the organization on the Organization tab.

      NOTE: If you do not select an organization, the user will automatically belong to the “Undefined” organization.

    • License: Select the license type to be used for this user—Knox Suite or Knox Manage. Select Knox Suite if you have a Knox Suite license and you want to use the same license to enroll this user’s device to other Knox services included in Knox Suite.

      NOTE: With a Knox Suite license, only one license seat is consumed by each device (IMEI) regardless of how many Knox services (in Knox Suite) that device is enrolled in.

    • Android Manage Type: Select the Android enrollment type among Android Legacy, Android Enterprise, or Follow Organization’s Type.

      NOTE: The user’s Android manage type takes a higher priority than the organization’s Android manage type. Even if you move the user to a different organization, the Android enrollment type set for the users still applies to the users.

    • AD/LDAP Sync: Allow the creating of user accounts from the AD/LDAP system. If AD/LDAP Sync is selected, the existing user information will be synchronized from the AD/LDAP system and registered to the Admin Portal.

    • Tag: Click Add, and in the “Add Tag” window, enter new tags to add.

    • You can also enter additional information such as employee number, display name, and department in the “Additional Information” area.

  5. Click Save & Request Enrollment to save the user information and enroll the user at the same time.

    Click Save to only save the user information.

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