Register user accounts in bulk

If you have a large collection of user accounts you need to register at once, you can fill out a bulk registration spreadsheet and upload it to the Knox Manage console for processing.

Register user accounts in bulk

To register user accounts in bulk:

  1. Go to User.
  2. On the User page, click Bulk Add. The Bulk Add Users dialog opens.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to download and fill out a registration template spreadsheet.
  4. Back on the console, click upload and upload the spreadsheet.
  5. Click OK and confirm. Knox Manage begins registering the user accounts. It might take a few minutes to register all of them.

Registration template spreadsheet

The spreadsheet is an XLSX file and contains three sheets:

  • The Guide sheet describes the requirements of each editable cell in detail.
  • The User sheet defines the user account and details you want to add.
  • The UserTag sheet defines any tags you want to attach to existing accounts. If you enter tags for the same user in both sheets, the UserTag sheet takes precedence.