Register a shared device

IT admins can set up devices so that multiple users can share the same device. This feature is particularly useful for devices that are used by visitors, guest users, or shift workers. This feature is available for all Samsung tablet devices and non-Samsung mobile devices running Android 9 OS or higher.

The process to set up a shared device has the following two stages:

  1. Create a staging user
  2. Register and enroll a shared device

Create a staging user

To create a staging user, complete the following steps:

  1. From the KM portal's left hand navigation menu, go to User > on the User page that opens > click Add.
  2. Enter all details, including the following details:
    • Staging user— Select Yes for this checkbox.
    • Shared device type— Depending upon your needs, select one of the following two options:
      • Temporary—Choose this option for guest or visitor users. All the data including installed applications are deleted from the device when the user checks out of the device.
      • Persistent—Choose this option for shift workers. All data and installed applications are retained even when the user checks out of the device.
  3. Save your changes.

Register and enroll a shared device

After you save a staging user and shared device, you now need to register and enroll the device itself.

To enroll a shared device, complete the following steps:

  1. Once you've saved a staging user and shared device, return to the User page > click the checkbox next to the device to select it and click Request Enrollment. KM sends an email to the Staging user's email address with a link to the installation guide. The Staging user follows instructions to enroll the device.
  2. When the device is handed to a Temporary or Persistent user, the user checks in to the device with their login credentials. After they finish using the device, they can check out of it. Depending upon the user type selected when creating the Staging user, the data on the device is either deleted or retained.
  3. The IT admins can send further instructions to control the network and other UI options available to the shared device using the Device Settings page. To go to this page, on the Knox Manage console, go to Settings > Configuration > Staging and Shared Device.

The shared device also has an option to Exit Shared Device Mode that the device user can use to exit out of the shared mode in case of emergencies or issues with the shared device mode. To exit the shared device mode, the device user uses a passcode that is given by the IT admin. Once all the issues are resolved, the IT admin can apply the shared device mode again using the Device Command functionality.

NOTE—Only Work Profile controls in the Android Enterprise profile apply to shared devices.

Use Knox Remote Support

You can perform a remote support session on a shared device with Knox Remote Support, provided the Knox Remote Support Agent is first installed on the device.

To install the Knox Remote Support Agent on a shared device, the device user must:

  1. Open the KM agent, and on the login screen or the navigation bar, select Service Desk.
  2. Select Download Remote Support app. The Knox Remote Support Agent begins downloading and installing.
  3. Once installed, the agent launches, and the remote support access code is delivered to the device user.