MGP app force update support

For Managed Google Play apps assigned to target devices, IT admins can push updates to the device. To push the updates to devices, the devices must meet the following criteria:

  • Connected to Wi-Fi
  • Plugged in and charging
  • Unused and idle
  • Not have the specified application running in the foreground

In cases where devices do not meet these criteria, IT admins can push the update to the device at special intervals. When the update is pushed to the device, the app (if running on the device at the time) is terminated before the update is installed.

Push forced app update

To push app updates to devices, complete the following steps:

  1. Follow instructions in Create a profile to create a new Android device configuration profile.
  2. Go to Knox Manage admin console > Setting > Android > Android Enterprise > Managed Google Play Layout > Force application update area.
  3. Click the Use button to enable pushing forced app updates.
  4. In the Start time and duration area, use the field and list controls to set a time when the update is applied to target devices.
  5. Follow on-screen prompts to save your changes.