Force Managed Google Play app updates

Through the KM console, you can force devices to update their installed Managed Google Play apps.

In order for forced updates to apply, the devices must be:

  • Connected to the internet through a Wi-Fi access point
  • Plugged in and charging
  • Idle, without the target app in the foreground

Push app updates

You can force devices to update Managed Google Play apps by sending the Install or Update App device command.

Schedule forced app update

If your devices can't meet all the criteria for receiving the device command to update apps, you can instead schedule the update for a later time. When an update is scheduled, if the app is in active use, the update first closes it before applying.

Google Play typically checks for app updates once a day, so it might take up to 24 hours before the updates are added to the update queue. Therefore, an update can take up to 48 hours to apply after you first schedule it.

To schedule Managed Google Play app updates to your devices:

  1. On the KM console, go to > Setting > Android > Android Enterprise.
  2. For Force Update App, select Use to enable forced app updates.
  3. For Start Time & Duration, set a time when the device should begin idling, and time window during which to update the apps. The start time is when the updates can first begin applying. The value 0 corresponds to midnight, and is relative to the local time of the device.
  4. Click Save.