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Supported features and platforms

Last updated December 6th, 2023

Learn about which previous existing carry over to Knox Manage Lite view, what restrictions some of them have, and which platforms you can manage. Some restrictions are in place because the new view is still in development. As development continues, expect restrictions to change, loosen, or be lifted.

Platform and device support

As of 23.12, the new view supports the following platforms and devices:

Platform Version Management modes Enrollment methods
Android 8 and higher Fully managed, single user QR code

If your tenant already manages devices from other platforms and OS releases, the configurations, profiles, and active monitoring and reporting of those devices will remain unaffected. However, in order to modify those devices or perform actions on them, you must switch back to the original view.


With the new view, the dashboard has been revamped to provide greater flexible, be more consistent, appear more visually appealing, and offer better compatibility with more display sizes.

With the new dashboard, you can toggle all available views, and rearrange them as desired.

The available views in the dashboard.

Editing the available views for the dashboard.

Admin accounts

When the new view is activated, all admin management is performed using the Knox Admin Portal’s Administrators & Roles page, which is a consolidated admin manager that covers all admins across your Knox Suite services.

When you switch to the new view, any existing admin accounts in your Knox Manage tenant are transferred to the Knox Admin Portal. You may want to consider modifying their access and roles for other Knox services, especially if they’ve never used the Knox Admin Portal before.

Redesigned policy paradigm

With the new view, the way that policies used to be organized and structured inside of a profile has been overhauled. Policies are now broader in scope and much more reusable between profiles. About profiles and policies covers their evolution in detail.

License management

With the new view, you can perform all license management using the License page of the Knox Admin Portal, which is a consolidated license manager.

When you switch, all your existing licenses are listed on this page and available for modification.

Organization support

As of 23.12, all tenants using the new view have a default, generic organization. The new view doesn’t support additional organizations at this time. Instead, you should use groups as your main object for clustering similar entities together.

If in the original view your tenant has users belonging to custom organizations, you must first add those users to a group before you can manage them in the new view. If the users belong to sub-organizations, then they can’t be managed.

User, user sync, and identity provider support

As of 23.12, the new view supports manual user creation. Support for identity providers such as Microsoft Entra, Active Directory, and Okta is in active development.

If your tenant has users that belong to an organization, you won’t be able to manage them in the new view. If the existing users were added manually and belong to a group, then you can manage them.

Group support

As of 23.12, the new view supports user groups. Support for device groups is in active development.

Android app support

As of 23.12, the app library supports apps in Managed Google Play apps of the following sources:

  • Public
  • Private
  • Web

Android policy support

As of 23.12, the new view supports eight policies with 21 individual settings. The specifics are covered in the Android policies reference.

Android kiosk support

As of 23.12, the new view supports configuring single-app kiosks with Knox Browser as the primary app.

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