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Enable the new view

Last updated December 6th, 2023

You can turn on Knox Manage Lite view at any time. After switching to the new view, the features exclusive to the original view will become unavailable while you’re using it. If you need to use a feature from the original view, simply switch back to it with the same setting.

To enable the new view:

  1. On the Knox Admin Portal, click your account icon, then Settings to access features for all services.


    Knox Manage general settings

  3. Under PREFERRED VIEW, select Lite view.

    Set preferred view on Knox Manage

    To summarize the preferred views in Knox Manage:

    • Lite view is a new view that uses a simpler interface and only provides the essential features of Knox Manage. With Lite view, you can manage Android devices directly within the Knox Admin Portal.

    • Advanced view is the default view that consists of the original interface and provides the full feature set. When selected, the Knox Manage menu entry in the Knox Admin Portal links to the original console, and will open in a separate web browser tab.


      You can switch between Lite view and Advanced view anytime.

  4. Click SAVE and confirm your choice.

It typically takes a few seconds for the switch to complete.

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