Add and manage other administrators’ accounts. Management of administrator accounts includes changing passwords, selecting profiles and organizations to manage for administrators, and activating technical support administrator access to user devices.

Administrators in Knox Manage are categorized into three types:

Type Description

Super administrators

  • Add, modify, delete, activate, and deactivate sub-administrator accounts.
  • Grant sub-administrators administration rights.
  • Select profiles to manage for sub-administrators.
  • Select organizations to manage for sub-administrators.


  • Manage the profiles designated by a super administrator or the profiles they created.
  • Manage the organizations designated by a super administrator or the organizations they created.

Read-only administrators

Only view all menus, including menus for administrators, in the Admin Portal.

Service administrators (read only)

Sends device commands. You can allow all device commands or select specific device commands for service administrator use.

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