Samsung Cloud Connector overview

Samsung Cloud Connector (SCC) creates a secure channel for data transfers from your existing enterprise active directory (AD) and certificate authority (CA) servers.

SCC is configured as follows:

A visual overview of SCC and how it interacts with an enterprise's servers, databases, firewalls, and LDAP/AD/AP.

Component Description Knox Manage server Knox Manage is hosted in the cloud. The term Knox Manage server denotes the service's cloud infrastructure. Connector The Knox Manage server has an integrated connector accessible through the Knox Manage console that connects the enterprise's AD/LDAP and CA servers. In order to join them together, an enterprise must install the SCC client on the AD/LDAP and CA hosts. SCC
  • SCC provides a secure channel between the client's enterprise system and the Knox Manage server.
  • SCC consists of the SCC client, the SCC server, and Control Service Server.
  • The SCC client is installed at the client's site and establishes a secure Transport Layer Security (TLS) channel with the SCC server.
  • The SCC server is installed in the cloud. It sends the requests from the Knox Manage server to the SCC client, and delivers the responses from the SCC client to the Knox Manage server.
  • The SCC Control Service server assigns a port number to be used for AD/LDAP and CA service.
LR Switch The L4 switch scales the requests from the SCC client. DB The database (DB) saves the information of the LDAP and CA service of the tenant and the IP/Port information of the SCC server.