Modify profiles in detail

Modify the policies in a profile currently being applied to devices. You can also modify other information, such as conditions that are set for certain profiles.

NOTE—Sub-administrators who only have the profile managing permission can only modify profiles that they have created or ones already assigned to them. If you are a super administrator and wish to assign profiles to sub-administrators, then see Adding an organization for more information.

Modify the profile information

To modify profile information, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Profile.
  2. On the “Profile” page, click the name of a profile to modify.
  3. On the “Profile Details” page, click Modify Profile Info.
  4. On the “Modify Profile” page, modify the existing information if necessary.
  5. Click Save & Set Policy to save the information and to proceed with configuring the profile in detail.
    • Click Save to save the information and return to the profile list.
  6. Configure the profile details. For more information, see Configuring policies by device platform.