Modify organization details

After you create an organization, you can modify the organization information.

To modify the organization information, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Organization.

  2. On the Organization page, click the check box next to the organization you want to modify, and then click Modify.

  3. On the Modify Organization screen, modify the following existing organization information:

    • Code—Displays the organization’s code.

      NOTE—Once the organization code is saved, you cannot change it.
    • Name—Enter a new organization name.

    • Parent Organization—Select the parent organization to add a sub-organization.

    • Inheritable Profile—Displays the profiles inherited with the parent organization.

    • AD/LDAP Sync—Allow creating organizations from the AD/LDAP system.

    • License—Select the license type to be used for this organization—Knox Suite or Knox Manage. Select Knox Suite if you have a Knox Suite license and you want to use the same license to enroll this organization’s devices to other Knox services included in Knox Suite.

      NOTE—With a Knox Suite license, only one license seat is consumed by each device (IMEI) regardless of how many Knox services (in Knox Suite) that device is enrolled in.
    • Android Manage Type—Select the Android enrollment type between Android Legacy and Android Enterprise.

    • Sub-Administrator—Click Select to add sub-administrators to the organization.

  4. Click Save.