Microsoft Exchange

Mail servers, such as the Microsoft Exchange Server and Office 365, can be integrated with Knox Manage on users' devices. To integrate a mail server with Knox Manage, you should access and configure the Microsoft Exchange Server by authenticating user information in the Active Directory (AD) service based on a certificate issued by a Certificate Authority (CA). Before configuring Exchange, the following items must be configured and prepared:

  • Active Directory (AD) service (For more information on configuring the AD service, see Integrating a directory server.)
  • Certification Authority (CA) server (The client certificate must be issued for authentication.)
  • Microsoft Exchange server (To use certificate based authentication in the Microsoft Exchange server, visit the Microsoft website at and follow the instructions.)
  • Registered user accounts and organizations (For more information on configuring the AD service, see Creating user accounts and Adding an organization.)
  • Cloud Connector Client (The Cloud Connector Client must be installed on the client site to configure a secure channel with the Cloud Connector when connecting to the Active Directory server and the CA server. For more information, see Installing the SCC client.)