Minimum requirements

Your systems must meet the following requirements for the efficient operation and optimal display of Knox Manage.

Item Component Requirement
Administrator's PC OS Microsoft Windows XP and higher
Browser Google Chrome version 41 and higher
Mozilla Firefox version 37 and higher

Microsoft Edge version 95 and higher

IMPORTANT — Internet Explorer is not supported.
Screen resolution 1920 x 1080 px
Window scaling

Window scaled to 100%

IMPORTANT — To ensure an optimal experience, we recommend setting your browser scaling to 100%. If your browser is scaled higher, such as 125%, some of the page elements can shift out of view.
User's device Android Enterprise1 Android 6 and higher
Android Legacy2 Android 6–10
iOS iOS 11 and higher
iPadOS iPadOS 13 and higher

A desktop computer running Windows 10 version 1703 and higher or Windows 11

Home, Pro, Business, Enterprise, Education, and Mobile edition

Chrome OS Chrome OS 99
Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 and higher3
Supported language Knox Manage console

English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Korean, Polish

TIP — You can select a language in the KM console without changing the browser's language.
Knox Manage agent Any of the supported languages as set in the device language settings. If the selected language in the KM agent isn't supported on the device, it defaults to English.

1 Starting in 2024, the Android support strategy will be to cover the last five major Android versions.

2 In 2020, Google deprecated the Device Admin API, known in Know Manage as the Android Legacy platform. Knox Manage 20.11 suspended enrollment using this platform for devices running Android 11 and higher.

Starting with Knox Manage 23.03, the service will no longer officially support existing devices enrolled in Android Legacy. The teams at Samsung will no longer provide maintenance and technical support for this platform, including feature enhancements and bug fixes.

Enterprises are advised to begin migrating any devices still enrolled with Andoid Legacy to the Android Enterprise platform. Although management of Android Legacy devices in Knox Manage may still be nominally available for devices running Android 10 and lower for the time being, the Knox Manage team strongly recommends that you migrate all devices to Android Enterprise, so as to benefit from its enhanced security and management features and avoid loss of functionality and technical support. See the Android Legacy to Android Enterprise migration guide for more information.

3 In compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, Knox Manage requires TLS 1.2 and higher on devices, and isn't interoperable with solutions and apps that rely on older verisons of TLS.