Minimum requirements

Check the download sources, supported OS/platform, and firewall settings before using Remote Support.

Supported platforms

Install the RS Viewer to the administrator’s computer and the RS app to the device from the following sources:

NOTE—The availability of the Remote Support Tool varies depending upon the type of Knox Platform for Enterprise license applicable to the device and its user. For users who are using KPE Premium license, the Knox container on the device is created as a premium container, which is set to allow the use of the Remote Support Tool. For KM licenses, the Knox container is created as a standard container, which is set to disallow the use of the Remote Support tool by default. In such cases, the IT admin must manually set the policy to allow the use of the Remote Support Tool.

Component Download source Supported OS version Supported platform

Remote Support Viewer (RS Viewer)

Knox Manage admin portal

Microsoft Windows 7 or higher



Remote Support web-based Viewer  


Browser requirements:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari

Remote Support Application (RS App)

Knox Manage admin portal

Google Play

Service Desk menu of the Knox Manage agent.

Android 5.0 or higher

Android Legacy

Knox Workspace

Android Enterprise Fully Managed

Android Enterprise Work Profile

NOTE—Items to consider:

  • For Knox Workspace or AE PO devices, install the RS app in the general area of the device. Also, you must enable the Remote Control policy in the profile. To enable the Remote Control policy for Knox Workspace or AE PO:
    • Knox Workspace: Navigate to Profiles and click the profile name. Click Modify Policy > Knox Workspace > System, and set Allow Remote Control to Allow.
    • AE PO: Navigate to Profiles and click the profile name. Click Modify Policy > Samsung Knox > System, and set Remote Control to Allow.
  • For non-Samsung devices, several features, such as the Home, left/right controls, screen rotation buttons, and touch controls, are not available while using Remote Support. Devices should be controlled by the user.
  • For this beta release, we only offer the screen capture feature in the web-based remote support viewer. The recording and file browser features are currently unavailable.

Disabling the firewall

Disable the firewall for domains and ports for the administrator’s computer, Remote Support server, and TMS & CRS server.

The relevant servers are set up for each region (Asia, US, EU) as shown below:

Server Region Domain IP Port

Remote Support server





TMS & CRS server







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