Kiosk Wizard

The Kiosk Wizard is an interface that enables an administrator to create a kiosk. Knox Manage provides the Kiosk Wizard to help you utilize Kiosk in a variety of work environments without needing to purchase an additional Kiosk launcher or develop one.

Using the Kiosk Wizard, you can deploy various types of applications in Kiosk mode.

Moreover, Knox Manage provides utilities, such as Bookmark and Clock, to be configured in devices using the Multiple App Kiosk mode.

The Kiosk Wizard composition is as follows.

  • Kiosk settings: Basic and advanced settings for customizing Kiosks. See Kiosk Wizard menu items for more details on these settings.

  • Preview: Preview screen of the device in Kiosk mode

  • Component: Utilities and applications that you can add.

    • Use the dropdown list to filter for the types of apps you want to use.

    • Enter a keyword to search by app or package name.