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How to set the device Auto Start-Up feature for Knox Manage

Last updated July 26th, 2023


  • Knox Manage (KM) with Knox Suite License or Knox Manage license with KPE Premium License
  • Samsung device with Knox Platform


We can set devices in Kiosk Mode to auto startup when they connect to a power source, similar to Knox Configure. Some users need this setting because they’re using Kiosk Mode in Knox Manage but still need devices to automatically start.

How do I set the Auto Start-Up feature for Knox Manage?

You can find the policy in the Samsung Knox Manage Portal by following these steps:

  1. Go to Samsung Knox Android Enterprise.
  2. Search for Knox Service Plugin.
  3. Select Device-Wide policies > Enable device Policy Controls > set to True.
  4. Select Device Settings (Premium) > Enable device settings controls > set to True.
  5. Enable Auto Start Up and set to True.
  6. Click Save and Apply.

Finally, you can check if the KSP policy has been applied via Applied Policy in the Device Details menu.


This feature is only compatible with Qualcomm and LSI chipsets. It may not work consistently with chipsets other than ones listed.

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