How to turn Adaptive Brightness On and Off in Knox Manage


  • Knox Manage (KM)
  • Knox Suite License or Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE) License
  • Knox Service Plugin (KSP)


There may be situations where you want to restrict the ability of users to turn adaptive brightness on and off, such as when the device is being used in a public setting in Kiosk mode.

Adaptive brightness is a feature that automatically changes the screen's brightness based on the amount of light detected. To toggle adaptive brightness, you can set a policy on the KM console.

How do I turn the adaptive brightness on and off in Knox Manage?

  1. On the left sidebar of your KM console, click Profile, then click Modify Policy.
  2. Go to Samsung Knox (Android Enterprise).
  3. Search for Knox Service Plugin.
  4. Click Device-Wide policies > Enable device Policy Controls > True.
  5. Click Device customization controls (Premium) > Enable device customization > True.
  6. Click Device and Settings customization profile (Premium), then click Configure values in settings menu.
  7. Click add to add the configuration.
  8. For the Name of the Setting item, search for Display > Adaptive brightness.
  9. For Set value for the setting, select On/Off.
  10. Set Allow end-user modification of this setting to False.
  11. Set Configure to hide settings to True.
  12. Click Save > OK.
  13. Click Apply > OK.

Additional information

To read more about Knox Manage, please refer to the Knox Manage admin guide.

For more about Android policies in KM, please refer to Android Enterprise policies.