How to set up a Microsoft Exchange account for Samsung Email in Knox Manage


  • Knox Manage (KM)
  • Android Legacy


This knowledge base article guides you through the steps on how to configure a Microsoft Exchange account for Samsung Email in Knox Manage (KM), as well as how to communicate over a secure channel using a certificate. 

How do I enroll a device and configure it for a Microsoft Exchange account?

  1. In KM, enroll your device using Android Legacy.
  2. Approve and assign the Samsung Email application to the appropriate users.
  3. On the device, in the KM client, go to the Application tab.
  4. Select Samsung Email and install the Email client from the Galaxy Store.

How do I send and receive secure emails using a Microsoft Exchange account in Samsung Email with Knox Manage?

To set up your Exchange account for Samsung Email:

  1. Enroll your device in KM. 
  2. Select Exchange policy to create a profile, providing your email credentials and enabling SSO. 
  3. Assign the Email application to your device.
  4. On the device, in the KM client, install the Email app. 
  5. In your KM console, assign the profile to the device.
  6. Select the notification that appears on the device. After you are redirected to email configuration, approve the user activation.

To set up email encryption with a certificate:

  1. In your KM console, go to Advanced > Certificate > External Certificate.
  2. On the Add External Certificate page, fill in the required fields and upload your certificate.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Under Profile, create or edit an Android Legacy profile.
  5. On the Set Policy page, go to Android Legacy > Exchange.
  6. Under User certificate input method > User Certificate, select the certificate you uploaded.
  7. Click Save & Assign.
  8. Assign the profile to the group or organization that your device belongs to.

Then, in your device's Samsung Email client settings, verify that the certificate is installed. If the certificate is active, you can send and receive encrypted emails. 

If the certificate is not installed, the following error message is shown when opening an email: 

Unable to decrypt the message