How to set a custom boot and shutdown animation using Knox Manage


  • Knox Manage (KM)
  • Knox Suite license key 
  • Fully managed devices with or without a work profile
  • Samsung devices running Knox 3.3 and higher
NOTE—This feature is a Premium feature. To get started with Custom Animation, the device must be a Samsung device running Android 9 or higher and enrolled under a Knox Suite license.


This article guides you through the steps on how to set a custom boot and shutdown animation on your fleet of devices managed in Knox Manage (KM). 

Previously, you could only set custom animations in Knox Configure, but the Knox Service Plugin now extends the feature to KM admins as well. 

How do I set a custom boot and shutdown animation using Knox Manage? 

First, you need a Knox Suite license and a Samsung device with Knox 3.3 and higher running in device owner mode. 

  • In your KM console, under Profile, create or edit an Android Enterprise Fully Managed or Fully Managed with Work Profile profile. 
  • In your profile, go to Samsung Knox (Android Enterprise).
  • In the sidebar, go to Custom Animation.
  • Set Booting Animation and Shutdown Animation to Allow
  • Upload your custom animation file.
  • Click Save & Assign.
  • Assign the profile to a group or organization, then click Save

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