How to secure a ProKiosk device with a password

This KBA describes how to set a PIN or password on a ProKiosk device. For full details on the different possible options for setting a lock screen in Knox Manage, see Android Enterprise policies or Android Legacy policies.

To secure to a ProKiosk device with a password:

  1. On the KM console, go to the Kiosk page, select your kiosk, and then click Modify.
  2. Click Device Setting > Select.
  3. Ensure Lock Screen is disabled.
  4. Go to Profile, then create or modify a profile for the kiosk.
  5. Adjust the password policy to require a PIN or password on the device:
    • Android Enterprise:
      1. Go to the Android Enterprise > Password policy list.
      2. Set a password under Device Controls:
        • Android 12 and higher — Set Minimum Complexity to Medium.
        • Android 11 and lower — Set Minimum Strength to Numeric.
    • Android Legacy:
      1. Go to the Android Legacy > Security policy list.
      2. Set Device Password to Apply.
      3. Set Minimum Strength to Numeric.
  6. Click Save and Assign.
  7. If the profile hasn't been assigned yet, assign it to a group or organization that the kiosk belongs to.
  8. Go to Profile, select the profile, then click Apply.

The updated password policy applies to the kiosk, and a new password must be set on the device itself.

Additional information

To learn more about ProKiosk mode, see the Kiosk mode.